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Radiant J. Productions Presents "Cinefemales"

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We're brewing up an exciting event over at Radiant J. Productions! On May 21st, we'll be hosting an evening at the famous Aero Theatre in Santa Monica to celebrate film, women and culture.

One aspect of the night will focus on elevating emerging artists. Happy to announce that we're holding a short film contest exclusively for female filmmakers! Don't worry, gents. We love you. You'll get another opportunity soon and we hope you attend the event. But the staggeringly low numbers of female creatives getting jobs in this industry, was something we wanted to address and help move the needle on.

The Details:

Your short film must be 15 minutes or less and focus on the following question through your art: "What does your "J" stand for?" Let us elaborate.

For Amirose, our founder, the "J" is in honor of her beautiful mother Jayne, who lost her battle to Cancer in 2014. Her "J" stands for purpose, passion and using tragedy as an igniter to bring people together in the name of art and connection. 

The film does not need to physically incorporate what your "J" stands for but should show us what that means to you, by touching on something you're passionate about. Explore matters of the heart, consciousness, creativity, politics or social issues, through an artistic lens. Aim to inspire, connect and stimulate the conversation. 

Up to three winners will be selected and flown out to Los Angeles to premiere their short at the event and speak on a panel, in front of a live audience!  

The Fine Print:

  1. Participants must be 18-years-old or older.
  2. Must live within the U.S. to be eligible for the trip prize. Can still submit if outside the U.S. but the trip is forfeited and participant will instead be eligible for a prize (TBD) determined by Radiant J. Productions.
  3. For any winners who already reside in Los Angeles, a prize (TBD) in lieu of the trip as determined by Radiant J. Productions will be given. 
  4. An original piece of work must be submitted, adhering to the theme presented.
  5. Film must be 15 minutes or less. Longer submissions will not be accepted. 
  6. Collaborations between men and women are great but the film must be directed by a woman.
  7. Up to three winners living within the U.S. will receive flight and hotel accommodations for one day, the day of the event (Saturday, May 21st, 2016). Checking out on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016. 
  8. Submissions accepted from February 29th, 2016 until 11:59pm PST on Sunday, May 1st, 2016. No submissions will be accepted if submitted later than this deadline.  
  9. The winner/s will be alerted by Monday, May 9th, 2016 and flown out to Los Angeles (if applicable) the morning of the event, Saturday, May 21st, 2016.
  10. If the chosen winner does not respond within 36 hours of notice, their prize is forfeited and the next participant in line is alerted. 
  11. The films will be judged by a jury including Radiant J. Productions' founder, Amirose Eisenbach, Access Hollywood's Scott Mantz and Fandango's Alicia Malone. 
  12. Shorts will be judged on originality, creativity, quality, content and emotion.


Your short film and questions can be submitted to or through the email link at the bottom of this webpage. We will answer all emails as promptly as possible. 

Additional details on the event will be revealed soon. Good luck! May the force be with you. 

So, what does your "J" stand for?

Later Event: March 25
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