Radiant J. Productions is the lovechild of Amirose Eisenbach. With an unwavering passion for film and music, and over a decade of entertainment experience working at Warner Bros., FOX Interactive Media (IGN) and AMC Theatres editorial and Turner Classic Movies, Amirose was ready to embark on her own journey, to bring meaningful content to life. 

With an emphasis in elevating women and creating social impact, each event and film we produce is designed to unite and inspire community.  

But what does the "J" stand for? We've all been through tragedy and tough times. When we make it through to the other side, we're filled with a greater sense of purpose and understanding. The "J" stands for Amirose's beautiful mother Jayne, who lost her battle to cancer in April 2014. When she made it through to the other side of her paralyzing grief, Amirose was determined to use the pain to create something special, honoring her courageous mother and helping others in the process. 

The "J" represents recognizing your strength and striving to bring more light into the lives of others. It stands for legacy, passion and the preciousness of time. The "J" is our commitment to keep fighting for a more inclusive tomorrow. 

So, what does your "J" stand for?